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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: how much does the stabilizer kit add to the width of my bicycle?
A: The kit adds roughly 12" to each side of the bicycle.

2) Q: Will my bicycle fit through a doorway with the stabilizer wheel kit installed?
A: The bicycle will fit through a door if it is removed at an angle, you may experience difficulty going in and out of a standard doorway head-on.

3) Q: I have multiple gears on my bicycle, will the stabilizer kit affect the gearing?
A: The stabilizer wheel kit will work perfectly on any bicycle with any amount of gears; the kit does not conflict with any cables or gearing mechanisms.

4) Q: Will the stabilizer kit fit on folding, electric, BMX or recumbent bicycles?
A: No. The rear stays (upper and lower portion of frame) does not offer a proper mounting position for the stabilizer wheel kit. If you suffer from balance issues and would like to own the stabilizer wheel kit, we recommend you buy an inexpensive traditional diamond frame bicycle for use of the stabilizer wheels.

5) Q: Will my medical insurance pay for all or a portion of the stabilizer wheel kit?
A: We recommend you contact your physician, physical therapist, or insurance company regarding 3rd party procurement for medical reasons. We will work with your assigned agent however we will not initiate contact.

6) Q: I would like to see the kit in person, do you have any dealers in my area?
A: Please check our dealer page for local availability. If you do not see a dealer in your local area you may contact a known local dealer and have them contact us directly. In many cases they will order a set for their shop if they have an interested customer. Please check you local listings in the yellow pages.

7) Q: I am a bicycle dealer, how do I inquire about wholesale pricing?
A: Please direct all dealer inquiries to

8) Q: Are there minimum order quantities for dealers?
A: We do not require purchasing minimums for bicycle dealers; you may order as few as 1 unit.

9) Q: Are the installation instructions available online?
A: Yes. Please visit this link

10) Q: Can I return the kit if it does not fit my bicycle?
A: Yes, you may return the kit but are subject to a 15% restocking fee as described in the policies page.


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The Stabilizer kit is perfect for individuals who have physical impairments which prevent them from otherwise enjoying bicycle riding.

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Our product is constructed of heavy-duty steel which has been tested with over 500lbs.